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Rise of dedicated delivery services: Not only a need but a necessity

In the era where everything is going on with electricity speed, same-day dedicated delivery (SDD) services are helping the diversified business companies to completely outsource their transportation needs. They can handle all aspects of the regular movement of your goods, including warehousing when necessary.

What are the benefits of dedicated delivery?

Companies with no internal transportation department get the benefit of a large-scale transportation operation, without any of the overhead. Customers don’t need to worry about hiring staff, buying equipment or handling the complex processes of the supply chain.

Dedicated delivery services provide the most benefit for companies with the following characteristics:

Ease of Management: When a business uses SDD, it generally means less time is required to manage their backlog of orders. In a traditional environment, a member of staff will be required to manage the orders and assess when they are going to send them out; if you offer SDD the process is more refined; you will simply send your goods out as soon as possible.

Not Losing Business: If you get this service, you can avoid ever running out of stock. If a customer is looking for an item that same day and your business doesn’t have it, typically they will leave and go to another company which does. Not with SDD – if you know you can get the item to them on the same day, you can assure the customers of this and keep their business, therefore making you more money.

Increased Productivity: It can even improve your staff’s productivity and diligence. If all workers in a warehouse know that all orders have to be sent that same day, and that they have to meet a deadline in order to keep the company on track, you will probably find that they work harder to get the job done on time.

You get quicker deliveries: There are so myriad online stores, who rely over the same day or even 3 hour delivery notion over different places. The plan of online shopping fast delivery can advantage the companies and online stores to a great degree as compared to relying over the traditional postal services. With same day dedicated courier services renders a quick service to the customers, who seem to be in hurry.

Better security and protection: The next vital advantage you enjoy with SDD is that you get appropriate protection for the stuff, which you get through these services. Hence you get the things delivered appropriate on time and of course in a proper shape without any damage.

Dedicated services are best for the companies in the following industries:

– Medical

–  Automotive

– Retail

–  Building Products

–  Graphics

–  Forestry

–  Oil & Gas

–  Refrigerated goods

Dedicated delivery (DD) services allow you to remain in control of your supply chain while they manage the transportation service.

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